Become a Loksevak

Any person who is not less than 18 years of age and who agrees to the basic tenets for a Lok Sevak and fills in and signs the membership form can enroll himself as Loksevak provided that his or her form is endorsed by two existing members of at least two years, standing.

Pledge of the Loksevak

I have understood well, the aims and objects of the Sarva Seva Sangh. I declare that I have full faith in them.

I accept truth, non-violence, productive physical labour and equality as values of life. I shall do regularly endeavor to bring them into action in my personal life as well as in the social life. For my clothes I use only certified khadi. I shall not indulge in untouchability.

I firmly believe that ‘Lokniti’ alone can usher in real democracy and that will bestow real freedom to every individual. With this end in view I shall neither enroll myself as a member of any political party nor shall I ever be a competitor for any position of power. I shall ever make efforts for safeguarding and establishing the basic values of democracy.

Keeping in mind the last man, I shall render my selfless services to the best of my ability in the interest of the society. I shall never resort to foul means for attaining any objective.

I shall be ever ready to oppose untruth and unjustice.

I shall give some time regularly for my study.

I shall contribute annually Rs. 30.00 or six hanks of yarn (six gundi soot) towards membership fees of the Sangh.